Marine leather comes from the food industry: this craft uses the skins of fish used for food. Instead of being thrown away and becoming an additional waste product, they are recycled, treated and used to make small leather goods.

While major luxury brands have announced that they are banning certain exotic leathers from their collections for animal welfare reasons, marine leather does not come from animals that are bred or hunted exclusively for their skins. This luxury artisanal production is in line with the logic of anti-waste, and even zero waste.

It is a way of honouring the animal world for all that it offers us: the animal is eaten and its skin used to make an accessory or a garment, as in the cultures and civilizations closest to nature.

Tanneries use environmentally friendly products to limit all pollution.

This know-how and the respect of these principles have a cost, which explains and justifies the price of kevin tizo’s creations.