Specialised in the creation of fashion accessory in marine leather, Kevin Tizo is a resolutely luxurious Belgian brand, full of exoticism, sunshine and travel desires. Something luminous, colourful and shimmering emanates from Kevin Tizo’s creations. The lines are fine, the cuts original and above all daring: The brand surprises, it is also its mainspring.



The surprise comes from Kevin Tizo’s material. Shoes and leather goods are made of marine leather.

Marine leather is one of the most original of exotic leathers. It is similar to snake or crocodile skins but it is different: The scales of marine leather are often more irregular. The skin of fish shows some kind of scars, like so many claws, testifying to a life spent deep in the seas and oceans.

​For the artisan as well, marine skins are out of the ordinary. They are often small in size, and of various shapes. It takes a lot to make a complete piece, whether it is a pair of shoes, a clutch or a handbag. They are at the same time fragile and resistant, working with them requires a know-how that italian shoemakers particularly master. Stingray for example, leather with shimmering pearls, must be cut by laser or using a specific knife.

​Once worked, these marine skins will keep some of their irregularities. You can sometimes feel them to the touch… They are also what gives this leather its deep authenticity.

​Irregular, complicated, authentic: Marine leather illustrates beauty in the imperfect and the unexpected. It allows the creation of original and daring pieces: Kevin Tizo’s leather goods are designed for a daring woman who wants to stand out through the originality of what she wears. She chooses rare pieces.

​Most of Kevin Tizo’s creations are limited editions, or even unique pieces.